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The Man Shake and The Lady Shake

Weight Loss Shake Australia

Everything you need for a healthy body losing weight
and have more energy

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Weight loss tips for women

women eating healthy meal

Like men women do have the same key components to lose weight, but a lot of other factors also play a role for women.

Studies have shown that sleep and stress levels can have a big impact on hunger , metabolism, body weight and belly fat.

Don`t worry by just making a few small changes in your daily food intake can bring a lot of benefits for your weight loss. Use a weight loss calories calculator


Here are a few weight loss tips for women.

Cut down on refined carbs. Refined carbs undergo extensive processing. It reduces the amount of fiber and micronutrition's in the final end product. It will make you grow and have not enough nutrition's to feed your body. Also keep a food diary this is proven to work and you will lose more weight. Look at the lady shake reviews.

These foods will give you high blood sugar levels increase your hunger and belly fat.

So try to avoid or limit refined carbs. For example white bread, pasta and prepacked foods. Have a look at weight loss Cook books

Instead go for wholegrain products like oats, brown rice, buckwheat and barley. These will fill you up and make you go longer without getting hungry quick.

oats meal with berries


Make some effort to start doing some resistance training to your daily routine.

Resistance training will build muscle and increases endurance.

It is very good for women getting to the age of 50. like weight loss exercises at gym it will burn calories a lot more than doing your normal daily routine. It will also help you in maintaining healthy bones and protect you against osteoporosis.

You can do it all at home. Like lifting weights or just some exercises you can do on your own. like push ups, rope jumping, weight loss running, squats. Have a look at YouTube videos. Or look for weight loss workout plan for beginners.

To make a start with weight loss try the Lady Shake Rapid weight loss pack Have a look at the lady shake reviews to


Drink water.

Drinking more water will make you feel full so you will eat less. If you drink 500ml of water you will burn 30% more calories after 30 minutes.

Also drinking water before a meal can increase weight loss and will reduce the calories consumed by +/_ 13%.

Drinking green tea for weight loss or a weight loss juice

like lemon water will also help you losing weight.

Glas of water with lemon


Eat more protein.

Eat foods like meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, diary and legumes are all good for a healthy diet and can help you lose weight. you can also start using a weight loss protein powder.

Eating a high protein diet can make you feel more full and boost your metabolism. By just increasing your protein intake by 15% can decrease your daily calories intake by 441 calories.

Have a look at Lady shake recipes

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Keep track on what your eating and write it down.

It will show you what you are eating and keeps track on healthy choices. It will help you to stick to your weight loss goal. Have a look at Aussie health products


Create a sleep schedule.

We all know that getting enough sleep is crucial. Lots of studies have shown that not enough sleep will increase your body weight and higher levels of a specific hormone ghrelin that is responsible for stimulating hunger. That means that you will eat more at night like going for a snack before really going to bed. Try to eat a healthy weight loss snack and slowly try to stop eating before going to bed.

Men and women a sleep


Eat more weight loss fibers.

Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains these are all good sources off fiber. If you are not eating a lot of fibers now then you start doing so. Eating only 14 gr of it can decrease your calorie intake with 10%. You can also have weight loss meals delivered to your house. There are a lot of foods that can help you with weight loss.

Have a look at the lady shake vegan and the lady shake reviews


Eat slowly.

Try to eat slowly and try to focus on how your food tastes, feels, looks and smells. You will enjoy your food more and feel full and satisfied after.


Walk more steps.

Try to walk for an hour a day. Just down the road or in the park in your neighborhood. You will see some things you have never noticed before because you go straight home

after work or bringing your kids to school. like 4 to 5 Km a day.


Keep your stress levels under control.

If you have more stress it is likely that you are going to eat more to compensate and feel better. Listen to music, breathing exercises do some yoga and talk to friends and family. These are easy ways to lower your stress levels.

Women meditating on the beach


Get some probiotic supplements.

Probiotics are bacteria that are beneficial for gut support. Studies show that they can promote weight loss by increasing the excretion of fat and changing hormone levels to reduce your appetite.


End conclusion.

By making some of these small changes and modifications to your lifestyle you can help yourself to promote long lasting weight loss for women of any age.



I hope this was helpful and that you will succeed in losing weight and get more energy. All the best Claudine.

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Also have a look at these Web sites to help you make some healthy choices


Lots of success Claudine

Visit my website and find more info about health and weight loss.


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