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The 20 worst foods for weight loss

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The 20 worst foods for weight loss

When you want to lose weight you must stop eating junk food and start eating foods that have the right nutrition's and calories that will help you lose weight. The 20 worst foods for weight loss we are going to show you on this list have empty calories that are not going to help you lose weight.

Hopefully this is going to inspire you to make better food choices in the future.

Soup out of a can

Creamy soup in a bowl

Most canned soups are full of sodium 800 milligrams or more while a healthy soup only will have around 400 milligrams of sodium. Processed soups will have less vitamins and fiber and people are tend to eat more of it. The daily recommended sodium intake is 1500 mg. This can cause higher risk of blood pressure and heart disease. They also contain more saturated fat then healthy soups and will raise cholesterol levels. A lot of cans even name brands are still lined with Bisphenol A or BPA. This has been associated with risk of certain cancers. This is one the worst food for weight loss.

Meat that is processed

Bacon, eggs and sausages on a plate

Eating processed meat like sausages, bacon, and hotdogs are not a healthy option when you want to lose weight. These foods have also been associated with high risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer so also one of the worst foods for weight loss. Processed meats have been preserved by salting, smoking, curing and adding chemical preservatives.

Processed meats increase your cancer risk. They are convenient and affordable but if you eat this on a regular basis you increase the chance of getting stomach and colorectal cancer.



We all love them but one muffin carries 400 calories or more depending on the size. Most of them are made out of modified soybean oil trans fats and ingredients that can give you heart disease. They are also made of almost completely sugar. If you eat one every day it will affect your whole body plus the amount of sugar can give you an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Diet sodas

Diet soda in a glass

Diet sodas use artificial sweeteners and they have been linked to long term weight gain. They are low in calories but they have still sugar. Drinking this for a long period of time will give your body metabolic derangements like poor insulin response and high levels of glucose. This can lead to fat storage and illnesses like metabolic syndrome cardiovascular disease and diabetes. So soda is also one of the worst foods for weight loss


Chocolate cookies

When we start eating cookies most of us can`t stop at just one. How bad are cookies. Cookies you get from the supermarket are full of to much sugar and unhealthy additives. To much sugar makes you fat and food additives are bad for your health. They are full of cheap modified palm oil and other ingredients like preservatives to keep long shelve life, artificial flavors they are all not good for you. When you make your own cookies you use flour, eggs and sugar and they often taste better and are healthier then the manufactured ones. It is ok to eat a cookie now and then but not a whole bag.

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Croissants in a bag.

Croissants are full of saturated fat and is over 40% of the recommended limit of 8700 Kilojoule a day. The amount of butter that is going into a croissant is high. A croissant is not filling you up like a whole grain slice of bread that has twice as much fiber. Croissants are nutrient poor so keep them as a now and then treat.

Potato chips

Bowl of chips next to a glass of beer

Of all the junk food Potato chips is the worst. It is full of high levels of sodium and processed not good saturated fat that can give you high levels of cholesterol. You may be surprised how much sugar they have added to them as well. You can make a healthier choice by buying blue maize chips and kale or lentil chips. Chips is easy to over eat because they don`t fill you up quick, but they are not healthy for when you want to lose weight.


Roll with hamburger and salat

Studies have shown that eating hamburgers full of saturated fat will trigger fat tissue inflammation. This is the type of fat that stores energy instead of burning it. So when you eat lots of saturated fats your cells get bigger and they will release pro-inflammatory agents that will make you gain weight. Burgers are one of the top sources of saturated fat. Eating a burger now and then won`t hurt but do it in moderation. So this is also one of the worst foods for weight loss.


Pizza full of cheese

Most pizzas particularly fast food and frozen ones are high in calories, fat and sodium. The processed pizzas may contain unhealthy ingredients like added sugar, colorings and preservatives. Pizzas can be addicting because most of us like them they are delicious the crust is tasting good, the sweet taste of the tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The nutrition in a pizzas can vary a lot depending on the kind of pizza. But in general they are full of unhealthy ingredients. One now and then is ok but don`t eat one every couple of days. Another one of the worst foods for weight loss.

Drive thru foods

Take away hamburger

All of these foods are highly processed foods are filled with preservatives, HFCS, trans fats and salt. The problem with preservatives and fats is that they interrupt our stomach to talk with our brain to tell it that it is full so you will keep eating more. Especially in the western world drive through food restaurants are widely available and people spend 45% of their income on eating out. In the 60`s and 70`s people where eating out now and then. Keep it limited to once or twice a month especially when you are trying to lose weight.


Production line of bottling juice

Juice Is stripped from it`s most filling nutrient fiber. Then they ad lots of sugar to it that will spike your blood sugar level and makes your body crash and will make you more hungry. This is not going to help you when you are trying to lose weight. Drink water when you are thirsty and want to hydrate. Drink fresh squished fruits that will fill you up and help with your digestion.

Fried Chicken