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The Man Shake and The Lady Shake

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Everything you need for a healthy body losing weight and have more energy

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The Man And Lady Shake Flavours Review

Three cups with different flavours of ice cream

The Man shake flavours review

The Man shake is available in seven different flavours which are:

  1. The Man Shake Chocolate

  2. The Man Shake Vanilla

  3. The Man Shake Coffee

  4. The Man Shake Choc Mint

  5. The Man Shake Caramel

  6. The Man Shake Banana

  7. The Man Shake Strawberry

I have done some research and I will try to give you an idea of what most people like about the Man Shake flavours.

Lets just start with the Man Shake Chocolate

Here a few opinions of The Man Shake Chocolate

I have tried the chocolate and used it for three months and I'd rate it quite tasty

Chocolate is my preferred flavour but I often mix chocolate with banana or caramel

I love the chocolate and I have it every single day

I only drink the chocolate but I am not sick of it yet

I have tried chocolate and vanilla and they taste fine and the two mix very well

I particularly like the chocolate and caramel the most

Taste great and looking forward having them

This is the best Man Shake flavour, I love it

More then happy with the taste

The average rating of The Man Shake Chocolate flavour is between 3.5 and 5 *****s

Here a few opinions of The Man Shake Vanilla

I prefer the flavour of vanilla over the chocolate

There is a sugar substitute but the vanilla is according my opinion very sweet

I tried a few flavours but the vanilla was the one I liked the most

Favorite flavour is vanilla

Bought vanilla in Man and Lady shake very happy with the flavour

Bought a starter pack to try the flavours I found out that the vanilla was the one I liked most

Really liked the vanilla it has a nice flavour and is easy to drink nice when it comes cold

Just do it very nice

Far away the best tasting weight loss shake on the market, Vanilla with a banana is top

The average rating of The Man Shake Vanilla flavour is between 4 and 5 *****s

Here a few opinions of The Man Shake Coffee

The caffeine content in The Man Shake Coffee is very low you will need to drink 90 Man Shakes to get the same amount of caffeine that is in one cop of coffee

It tastes really good better then the Optifast. Every man shake flavour is delicious in my opinion

Follow the plan and you will lose weight. The coffee flavour is great

Best product in the world

The taste is unbelievable to personalize you can ad more water. Better then a lot of others I have tried

Have to have it every morning.

Just started the lady shake and find that you get the full flavour at the first time then the rest is a bit flavourles

The flavour was surprisingly tasty highly recommended

Have been on the coffee for a year now and I love it

Love the chocolate and banana but the coffee is very bad to my opinion

The average rating of The Man Shake Coffee flavour is between 4 and 5 *****s

Here a few opinions of The Man Shake Choc Mint

The Choc Mint Is my favorite tastes great

3 weeks in and the Choc Mint is my favorite

All the flavours are awesome but I just like the Choc Mint the most

Strawberry and banana were ok but like Choc Mint the most

It has a strong and yummy taste and lost 6 kg it is very satisfying

In my case It left me nausea all day but I lost 2kg in one week

I have tried four flavours they are all good but like the Choc Mint the most

I find it disgusting did not mix well in blender. I did not like any of the four flavours

It is really good and it reminds me of a choc mint arrow bar very strong presence of mint but nice

The average rating of The Man Shake Choc Mint flavour is between 4 and 5 *****s

Cup of coffee with caramel twist
Coffee with Caramel

Here a few opinions of The Man Shake Caramel

I wanted to buy The Lady shake but was not available so bought The Man Shake Caramel and the taste is great

The taste is fantastic love it in my yoghurt in the morning

Did not liked the taste at all, when mixed with milk it was better

The Caramel is a bit strong flavoured to my opinion

The Man Shake caramel tastes a lot better then other ones I have tried.

Very happy that I started The Man Shake was some what skeptical. Like the flavour

Finally found a shake that tastes great. Have tried other ones but did not liked them

A friend gave me the Caramel, was to sweet for him I quite like It

I put some Caramel in to my coffee instead of sugar, great

The average rating of The Man Shake Caramel flavour is between 4 and 5 *****s

Here a few opinions of The Man Shake Banana

I am only using The Man Shake for a week now, breakfast and lunch and love the banana flavour as well as all the other ones

I have started The Man Shake banana and it is delicious

I could not drink this one not a nice after taste some better with skimmed milk

My favorite from all four flavours I have chosen is the banana

Bought a 10 pack and must say liked the banana very much

The banana and the birthday cake are my favorites lost 23 kg I still can't believe it

Using strawberry and banana tastes great and easy to drink

Like all of them b