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Some ways for men to lose weight after 50

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A few small changes to help you lose extra kilos

When you get older it seems to become harder to lose weight after 50 . You are not imagining this.

As you age your metabolism starts to slow down and a lot of your metabolism functions organs and absorption of food gets less efficient. You need fewer calories to maintain your body mass.

As you age the quality of muscle starts to change from mostly muscle fibers to a combination of fat and muscle within the muscle fiber.

After age 50 your muscle starts to build up fat. That is why you feel more quickly fatigued. A 50 year old man requires 100 calories less a day than a 20 year old. If you keep eating the same your weight will go upward.

There are many ways to lose weight after 50 you only will have to put more effort in stop eating like you used to do. You will have to start eating weight loss foods and weight loss fruits or start a weight loss meal plan. Keep a food diary it is proven to work and you will lose more weight. There are also a lot of other ways out there like weight loss tablets, shakes, (The ultimate weight loss pack), supplements, tea, protein powder or a weight loss exercise plan. Here are some simple ways to lose the extra kilos.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

To lose weight after 50 you need to take in fewer calories than you expend. So instead of eating less you can talk about what to eat more of.

People who increased their intake of fruits and vegetables lost weight especially if they ate more berries, apples, pears, soy or cauliflower.

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories but rich in vitamins and minerals which you need more as you age. You can eat large portions without gaining weight.

Vegetables are high in fiber that will increase the feeling of fullness so you will not eat a lot more. Try to eat two portions of vegetables at your meal. There are a lot of foods that can help you with weight loss.

Eat more beans

Beans are packed with fiber and protein that will fill you up and at the same time is good for the bacteria in your gut. A study showed that people who ate beans every day lost a couple of kilos over a period of 6 weeks.

Eating a lot of protein can also help you to maintain your weight it will reduce your appetite and make you feel full for longer.

Protein also increases the level of certain hormones in your body and will regulate your weight. Protein also requires a lot of energy for your body to break it down.

Make your bathroom scale your friend

Weigh yourself each morning to see if your weight is going down. If you gain weight you will have to adjust your intake for that day. It is not easy but it works. People who weigh themselves may eat less during the day to maintain weight loss.

People who weighed themselves every day of the week consumed 300 calories less then who did not frequently weighed themselves.

Not every one likes to weigh himself every day but try to do it every other day or twice a week.

Focus on your food consumption

Between your work family life and friends you might not be giving your meals the respect they deserve. People on the go tend to overeat. Look for some weight loss books.

Try to eat slowly and don`t watch TV concentrate on your food. Do not shovel your food , take a seat and chew slowly and enjoy every bite.

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Do some workouts

Older people who do a combination of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and 30 minutes of resistance exercise three days a week reduced their body fat percentage and gained muscles. You can do a weight loss exercise plan at home. There are many plans out there.

Regular exercise is good to maintain a healthy weight. It will also help you burn those extra calories and increase your metabolism which is good for energy balance.

It also showed improvement in blood pressure and cardiorespiratory fitness, important for an aging heart.

Strength training will also help losing weight. Start lifting some weight and go for a run or walk. Get on the bike and dive around for an hour or so.

You can also do some high intensity interval training HIIT. This is a short burst of exercise Like a sprint or jumping lifting yourself on a bar for a short period of time like 5 min. You can join a gym or do it with friends or family.

Try to do some intermittent fasting

It sounds probably hard to do but it just means that you eat at fixed times during the day instead of eating whenever you want. By limiting the your food intake into certain hours of the day you can tell your body to slow down in using snacks to keep you going.

You can start by going for eight or nine hours including sleeping hours without eating. Many people are going to the fridge at night try not to do that and wait till the morning simple enough.

After that you can go for a longer period like 12 hours. This will help you to reduce belly fat and energy levels will go up.

Stop eating bad snacks try Nuts

Make nuts your snack moment. It is proven that people who eat nuts in their diet have less long term weight gain and obesity. Have a look at weight loss recipes

There are a lot of healthy bars (The man bar) out there that have lots of fibers in them and will keep you full.

For a handful of nuts a day you can lose weight or stabilize it. Have breakfast in the morning people who eat breakfast are better in maintaining their weight.

Go for whole grains

You can eat oats, barley and quinoa they are all good . When you are between the age of 40 and 65 and eat whole grains it will burn more fat. It also has more fibers which promotes the growth of a diverse mix of bacteria in your gut that will help your metabolism.

Eating to many refined carbohydrates like white pasta, white bread, fruit juices can make you gain weight.

These kind of foods have been stripped of their natural fibers that will make you feel full so you will eat more of it.

Not eating these kind of foods will help you to maintain your weight loss. Shop for more healthy food products. Studies have shown that people who follow a low carb diet after their weight loss are more likely to keep that weight off over time.

There are many flavors of whole meal grains just find the one you like. The best thing to do is eat the new food when you are hungry. You do not have to eat huge amounts at first just start slowly building it up if you are not used to it.

Whole meal bread

Stop drinking sugary drinks

Sugary foods and drinks fill you with calories 150 calories in a can of Pepsi.

Instead of sugary drinks drink plenty of water.

Try to avoid sugary foods like cakes and cookies juices and even smoothies can contribute lots of sugar to your body. It is better to have real whole fruit than just the juice. You can start drinking weight loss lemon water it has a lot of health benefits to.

Have enough sleep

Sleeping is having a big affect on your weight control. Not enough sleep can interfere with your weight loss maintenance. This is because inadequate sleep gives your body higher levels of Ghrelin a hunger hormone that will increase your appetite.

When you do not sleep enough you will be tired and not motivated to do exercise and eat healthy. So try to get your minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night for your overall health being.

Manage your stress levels