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The Man Shake and The Lady Shake

Weight Loss Shake Australia

Everything you need for a healthy body losing weight and have more energy

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weight loss intermittent fasting

Meal replacement shake | The Man and Lady Shake

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is becoming more popular since a few years now. It dates back to the ancient hunter-gatherers. Today it is used as a way to lose weight, boost longevity and fight disease. There are different ways of doing intermittent fasting but the general idea is to eat normally for a number of days and then reduce your calorie intake the other days.

There are plans that want you to stop eating for a 24 hour period and other plans let you eat a fourth of your regular calories. Intermittent fasting works and you will lose weight.

Scientists think that intermittent fasting puts some mild stress on your cells and that it strengthens cells to fight off some diseases. When you fast several things happen in your body on the cellular and molecular level.

Hormone levels are adjusted to make stored body fat more accessible and cells also start repairing it self.

One pear on a plate


What you can eat

When you Intermittent fast keep just eating most of what you are already eating. To lose weight you must only eat more healthy foods and reduce your intake of dessert and processed foods. The intention of Intermittent fasting is helping the body to burn fat.

On your fasting days it is best to eat not more then 500 calories. A program you can use is eating 5 days and stop eating for 2 days. It is up to you how you are going to take in those 500 calories. The best is to spread it out over a fasting day.

You choose what you want to eat and what foods work for you during Intermittent fasting . You can experience side effects like weakness and headaches and fatigue.


It is not easy

You will find that it is not that easy to keep you to the fasting days. The best thing to do is make a meal plan and don`t go overboard on the days you eat. Everything in moderation otherwise you are not going to lose weight of course.

Always drink enough water on your fasting days so you are not going to dehydrate.

When you go shopping try to eat as healthy as possible and leave processed foods alone.

Next to all this it would be good to do some exercise like walking, biking, running, weight lifting to maintain muscle mass during fasting. We spend more time sitting and eating and get less exercise all of this put us at risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Bicycle Spinning class


Help available

There are lots of websites that can help you to learn how to do your Intermittent fasting and there are lots of plans out there that you can choose from. Most plans will tell you to cut back in calories of around 500 to 600 calories on fasting days to make it more doable.


Is intermittent fasting working

Intermittent fasting has shown to work on the short term weight loss over a period of several weeks. It is not clear if it will work on the long term. It is not advised to do intermittent fasting for children, people with eating disorders, diabetes and pregnant women.

Research shows that it worked to reduce asthma and improvement in insulin levels.


End conclusion

The main thing for success is that intermittent fasting is helping you to eat fewer calories. It is a very effective way to lose weight. But if you binge and eat large amounts of food during your eating days you may not lose any weight.


To make a start losing weight buy the Man or Lady shake .

A unique fat burning formula

Select blend of protein and fiber

Up to 84% less sugar than other meal replacement products

Chromium to kill those sweet cravings

Gluten free

Contains a mix of pre and probiotics for a healthy gut

Australian owned and made

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Variety of packs

The Man Shake and Lady Shake are offering you a variety of packs to suit different goals.

Some include The Ultimate fast Weight Loss Pack, Buy 3 man shakes get 1 free, Rapid weight loss pack, Get started pack, Variety 20 pack, The Fast Weight Loss Pack, The Man| Lady Shake – One Week Supply, The Man | Lady Shake – Maintenance Pack and the Vegan Man |Lady Shake. For those on the go, The Man Fuel comes in 12-pack 375ml bottles.

The Man and Lady Shake Priceline

The Man Shake and Lady Shake product range is available as a set pack or as a single item. The meal replacement shake can cost between $39.95 and $249.95

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End conclusion.

By making some small changes and modifications to your lifestyle you can help yourself to promote long lasting weight loss for men and women of any age.


Lots of success Claudine

Visit my website and find more info about health and weight loss.


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