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The Man Shake and The Lady Shake

Weight Loss Shake Australia

Everything you need for a healthy body losing weight and have more energy

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How color can influence your food choice and weight loss

Meal replacement shake | The Man and Lady Shake

The food industry and colors

Color plays a big role in the food industry and is used to make us buy products that

associates with our natural perception of flavors in certain colors of food. From early childhood we learn that certain colors are standing for sweet, bitter or sour tasting.

You probably associate the colors red or pink with sweet and salty with white, sour with green or yellow and bitter with black.

In general we associate red and orange as sweet we see it mainly on ripe fruit. Red is also used in Supermarkets as a color for food packaging. It is a distinctive color like red on meat that is treated with additives to give it the idea of being fresh.

Brown and black have naturally earth like and bitter tones. You will find these colors on foods like almonds, chocolate or coffee.

Color added to certain foods has shown to be able to replace sugar and gives the perception of sweetness in flavored foods.

Studies have shown a dramatic influence of the acceptance of foods by the color it

was given. For instance the relationship between the sweetness and the redness in strawberry flavored drinks.

By only adding a small percentage of sugar in red colored strawberry beverage and imitation flavoring the perception of sweetness increased.

The more colorful food looks the more we will eat of it. When they gave people one colored kind of candy they ate 70% less then when they were a mix of colorful candies.

Bowl with strawberries


Cultural background

Color association with specific food are not universal all over the world. Europeans have a different association with color and flavor then Asian people have. If you show Europeans a deep red drink they will associate it with strawberry while Asian people will see this as cranberry flavor.


Synthetic and natural colorants

The food industry is using natural as well as synthetic colorants in food products. The consumer is becoming more and more concerned about the safety of synthetic colorants in foods and has made the use of natural color sources more urgent.

Maize is used as a natural colorant because of certain pigments. It is becoming more popular as a replacement for synthetic colorants.

The trend for replacing synthetic compounds with natural ones in the production of healthy food and beverage industry is already used. Fresh vegetables are considered to be a good source of great color diversity that is available among the various species.


The colors that can help you lose weight.

A lot of people have tried many ways to lose weight not knowing that colors around you can stimulate you to eat more or to eat less. The color red, orange and yellow are stimulating you to eat more.

These colors increase our blood pressure heart rate especially red. They also make us feel more hungry. The colors black, brown, grey and purple are taking away your appetite.

When you replace your plates with the colors black, brown, grey or purple it will take away the chance of overeating. Blue seems to be the best color to decrease your appetite.

Eating of a dark blue plate will also help you to control the amount of food you put on your plate better.

when people are eating yoghurt with a white spoon they think it is thicker and full of flavor. When eating it with a pink spoon it was thinner.

Food on a blue plate



The shape and color of the utensils is also a way to reduce your appetite. Drinking from a tall narrow glass or bowl instead of a wide one is also effective in stimulating weight loss.

It will give you the perception of having more. Start using smaller plates to this will make you eat less.


The design of your kitchen

If you really want to go a step further then you have to change the colors in your kitchen. Most people like a soft and neutral kitchen but this stimulates to eat more.

Rooms that are really dark with low lighting and soft music makes you slow down and stay longer. The darker the space the longer you will stick around and eat more.

You will have to find a color that is slowing down your appetite. colors you can use are gold, green, blue, tan, and earth tones. Most colors will work as long as it is not white or cream.

These days we are having the kitchen integrated in to the living room where we work on the computer and kids do their home work and watch TV.

This will make us more prone for snacking because the more you hang out in the kitchen the more you will eat. Take all the food off the counter but leave the fruit.

When you move your TV away from the kitchen and remove iPads and chairs people spend less time in the kitchen and automatically will eat less.

Rearrange your cupboards put the healthy foods on the front and the chips and cookies in the back. Do the same for the fridge put the fruit and veggies on the top shelf and the less healthy foods on the bottom of the fridge.

A basic kitchen design in white

A clean and uncluttered kitchen



What we are eating and drinking has all to do with the colors and perception we have from certain foods. 60-90% of consumers are buying their food solely on the color of the packaging. The food industry is spending millions of dollars on packaging design world wide.


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Variety of packs

The Man Shake and Lady Shake are offering you a variety of packs to suit different goals.

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The Man and Lady Shake Priceline

The Man Shake and Lady Shake product range is available as a set pack or as a single item. The meal replacement shake can cost between $39.95 and $249.95

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End conclusion.

By making some small changes and modifications to your lifestyle you can help yourself to promote long lasting weight loss for men and women of any age.


Lots of success Claudine

Visit my website and find more info about health and weight loss.


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