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The Man Shake and The Lady Shake

Weight Loss Shake Australia

Everything you need for a healthy body losing weight and have more energy

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Best ways to lose weight for men

This is about helping men to lose weight by small changes in their diet

When you want to lose weight it does not have to be hard to make it work. there are lots of ways to work it.

For instance you drink a bottle of soda a day. That is around roughly 240 calories for that bottle alone. Instead you can drink water that will make you lose weight very easy.

A healthier diet will be something you can do every day of your life. A lot of these small changes are healthy and easy to do. You don`t have to do it all at once but over time you will get there. Have a look at Aussie health products


The main thing is to have a clear goal.

Work out your goal and write it down so you can go back to it as a reminder. Get on the scale and keep a food diary it is proven that you will lose more weight when you do this. Weigh yourself every day. It has shown that if you do this it will enhance your weight loss efforts. You can also start your weight loss using the get started pack from the Man shake weight loss company.

Men doing pushup

Drink the right fluids.

You should always drink plenty of water. Your body needs it to work properly. It is also proven that when you drink 2 cups of water before each meal it results in a greater weight loss over a period of 12 weeks. It is simple because your brain will think you are full so you eat less.

If water does not do it for you ad some fresh fruit to it or drink tea. Black green or white tea is also associated with a lower BMI and body fat.


Decrease or better eliminate processed carbs and junk food.

They are doing nothing for your good than only gaining fat including belly fat. If you have trouble not eating them try to keep them out of your home or workplace. It will not be easy in the beginning. Try to buy more healthy snacks or eat fruit. There are a lot of foods that can help you with weight loss.


Eat more fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables will fill you up and provide lots of fiber that is good for your gut. You can start with making a salad before every meal you it will fill you up so you don`t eat much after it. A lot of people fear fructose but fruit will not make you gain weight.

Have a look at best weight loss cookbooks

Healthy salad with bread

Lift weights.

Start an exercise plan that includes heavy weights. Try to build more muscle burn more calories. Walk for an hour each day. This will keep your hart rate elevated and also burns calories. Do this with intervals don`t over do it. Try the man plan


Do full body exercises.

go to a fitness Centre or just do it at home like squats, deadlifts, chin-ups and pushups. If you are tired after a day of work do it in the morning before going to work.


Keep an eye on what you eat.

You are probably eating more then you need. it is a good idea to weigh your food. This is to keep an eye on intake of calories. If you have no time to cook a healthy meal order a meal from My Muscle Chef their meals are healthy and convenient delivered to your door. Use a weight loss calculator to manage your calorie needs


Eat breakfast.

It is a fact that people who eat breakfast are more successful in long term weight maintenance. Greek yogurt fruit or a handful of nuts boiled egg and oats. Just keep it basic.

Eat the most in the morning.

After that eat less during the day. Studies showed that eating most of your calories early in the day improves weight changes. Have a look at the Man shake variety 20 pack


Stay active to burn calories.

If working in a office try to stand up behind your desk. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Every little bit will help to burn calories and lose weight. You will probably notice that when you start losing weight that your skin gets loose there are ways to get this fixed.


Do not go shopping when hungry.

If you go shopping when you are hungry you will buy a lot more food then what is on your list. It will throw over board all your efforts to lose weight. The best time to shop is after you have had your lunch or dinner or if you can somewhere in between but at least way before you get hungry.


Try to bake your food instead of frying it.

You will lower the fat intake and lower the risk of heart disease. put your chicken in the oven or you buy fries that you can bake in the oven. It taste the same and is more healthy. look for recipes that you can bake in the oven.


Also laugh as much as you can.

It will also burn a 10 to 40 calories if you laugh hard for 10 to 15 min a day. It sounds strange but is true. Try it out and you will also feel better after you have done that.

Laughing young Couple

Eat smaller portions of food each day.

By eating 100 calories a day less you will lose a pound per month. Use smaller plates and bowls it will look more even though it is less . It takes 15 to 20 min before your stomach feels full.


If possible walk or bike to your work.

You will get fresh air and you will get your heart beat up. Aim for at least 10.000 steps a day you will probably already have a fitness app on your phone so start using it.


Take pictures before you start losing weight.

You will be very pleased when you see the progress you have made.


Find friends that are active or join a group.

Try to be active with friends or family play a ball game or run play a game of soccer . Friends can either enhance or can hurt your success.

Never let them bring you down be strong and stay focused on what you want to accomplice.


Always put yourself first.

A lot of people put everyone else ahead of themselves. If you want to be healthy fit and happy it is only you that has to do it.


Have a look at this post about cook books to click here

I hope that this will help you to make a more balanced live for the future and that you will succeed in all your efforts to lose that extra weight. All the best and Never gif up.


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Variety of packs

The Man Shake and Lady Shake are offering you a variety of packs to suit different goals.

Some include The Ultimate fast Weight Loss Pack, Buy 3 man shakes get 1 free, Rapid weight loss pack, Get started pack, Variety 20 pack, The Fast Weight Loss Pack, The Man| Lady Shake – One Week Supply, The Man | Lady Shake – Maintenance Pack and the Vegan Man |Lady Shake. For those on the go, The Man Fuel comes in 12-pack 375ml bottles.

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Also have a look at these Web sites to help you make some healthy choices

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End conclusion.

By making some of these small changes and modifications to your lifestyle you can help yourself to promote long lasting weight loss for men of any age.


Lots of success Claudine

Visit my website and find more info about health and weight loss.


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