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How it all started

Adam and Belinda MacDougall met each other in 1997. Adam was playing rugby and Belinda worked at McDonald`s in Charlestown at the age of 19. What shaped her was the system of McDonald`s she was managing the store in Charlestown and she said when ever I do anything in business and something is not going right or someone is not following a system or there is not a system then let`s create a system. 


Belinda completed her degree in communication at the university of Newcastle. Adam and Belinda married in 2005 and living in Sydney. Adam was playing for the Souths and Belinda was selling fitness equipment in shopping centers. Belinda saw a lot of people who needed help (with weight loss) but she did not know what to do.

When MacDougall`s friend and South Sydney sponsor Dennis Delie died of a heart attack in January 2013 they thought about creating a product to help men get in shape. A lot of the health products out there had more sugar than a can of Coke in them. And you can find them on a health food aisle.

When Adam retired from rugby and still working for the NRL he crossed paths with then prime minister Tony Abbott who listened to his interest in creating a healthier product for overweight blokes. Then Tony Abbott said, well there are doers or whingers choose which one you will be. Then as a team the MacDougall`s came up with the concept for The Man Shake and started their business in the garage of their Merewether property.

They came up with a weight loss shake that has 84% less sugar then their competitors and a superior quality of protein and a weight loss and food guide and the option of joining the Man Shake meal program and the Lady Shake meal program. It is a home based training and food program.     

It will be hard to find a better product nutritionally in Australia or overseas. That is what we pride ourselves on. 

Since launching in 2013 the company has outgrown the MacDougall`s garage and four factories. It is now in Bennets Green NSW and its products manufactured in Brisbane. Manufacturing The Man Shake, Lady Shake and Kids Shake.

We do have hundreds of thousands of customers and have helped Australians shred over 1 million

kilos of weight. The company donated $500.000 to the Mark Hughes foundation. We care about helping people.


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