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The importance of good nutrition


To live a healthy life it is important to consider that you need different foods and nutrition at certain times of your live. For example a child and a older person have vastly different food requirements because the young child is growing and very active, while the older person can be less active and gain more weight.


Nutrition and physical activity continue to be important as you grow older. A healthy combination of good food and exercise can delay or even reverse many  health problems associated with being overweight.

To help you feel at your best you have to eat a variety of foods. Have at least three meals every day and include plenty of different vegetables and fruits which contains a lot of vitamins.


Maintain a healthy weight. If you are gaining weight eat a little less. Your body will appreciate that and you will feel better and have more energy. 

Good health means you can live to the full and reduce your risk of diseases such as diabetes and hart disease as you grow older. What you eat throughout life is important in achieving good health.


There are many foods with added sugar on our shelves and many of them wear health halos. They are marketed as being healthier then they really are.

Being able to see and compare how much sugar is in a food product is really useful to make the right choice and minimize the intake. Always look at the nutritional information.


Reducing the intake of free sugars is widely recommended to help reduce diseases as diabetes and for reducing dental caries.


It is important to know what is in the food your eating so you can make healthy choices in your diet.


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